About Crystal...

Finding yourself through risk....

I've sought out happiness in a wide variety of careers and industries - I have always been a risk taker, and continuous learner...my risks, successes (and failures) have provided me with a wealth of information and knowledge that I can share, to help you succeed - that reward, is what makes me tick.

A few of my careers... Retail Category Management, Procurement, Product Development, Marketing, Real Estate, Vintage Re-Sale, Aerospace, Marine, Manufacturing, Automotive Export and a few more. (PS! Never been fired!)

Born in Vancouver, and now rooted in New West with my husband and puppers.  I live the West Coast lifestyle....music, arts, sports and the outdoors - with a West Coast budget (if it's free...I'm down!)

Multiple careers, Multiple industries.  I have some stories...but it's not about me now - it's about you.

Let's grow together.

Crystal Kelder